Debt Settlement Overview

debt settlementEliminating your debt does not need to be an impossible task, and bankruptcy is not the only option you have for leaving your debt behind. Millions of individuals and businesses from across the United States have utilized debt settlement as a means to eliminate debt ranging from credit cards, mortgages, car loans, to student loans, among others. No matter what kind of debt you currently have, you are likely using your hard-earned money to make interest payments that only get worse over time. When it’s all said and done, you may have paid thousands in interest over a period of a few years to ten or more years.

What is Debt Settlement?

Debt settlement is the process by which an individual consumer or business pays a negotiated amount in order to satisfy debt. At Ariano & Associates, PLLC, our Debt Settlement Attorneys help clients settle debt by negotiating with their creditors. By having a legal professional advocating on your behalf, you may be able to settle your debt so that you can avoid making interest payments for years to come. Many creditors are willing to negotiate debt so that clients can pay off a lesser amount than what is actually owed. Creditors understand that they have a better chance of recovering past due debt by settling the matter as opposed to collecting the debt as part of a bankruptcy proceeding, or by filing a lawsuit against you.

Debt Settlement Areas of Practice

The Debt Settlement Attorneys of Ariano & Associates, PLLC provide a variety of debt settlement legal services including, but not limited to, the following:

• Credit Card Debt Lawsuits – Credit card companies file credit card lawsuits against consumers on a regular basis. If an individual is unable to pay his or her debt, this person faces potential legal action. Many people are able to avoid credit card lawsuits by filing for bankruptcy, but what they may not know is that debt settlement is another possible way to prevent a credit card lawsuit from being filed against you.

• Mortgage Debt – Owning a home is what many call the American dream. However, mortgage debt plagues millions of homeowners, and many have lost their homes after failing to make timely and complete mortgage payments. Settling your mortgage debt may allow you to avoid foreclosure and continue on living your American dream.

• Business Debt – Just like consumers, businesses experience the wrath of unending debt, and many have turned to bankruptcy to eliminate their debt and start fresh. Business debt can be settled, but the process may be more complicated than it would be for an individual consumer. With strong legal counsel, your business should be able to settle debt in the most feasible way possible.

• Student Loans – Millions of graduates continue to make student loan payments each month, but find that the total balance only goes up. Many people can barely keep up with paying the interest on the loan to the point where the principal on the student loans is not being touched. It is well worth your time to speak with an attorney about possibly settling your student loan debt now so that you do not continue to make payments for decades.

Stop Creditor Harassment and Avoid Bankruptcy

Along with debt comes creditor harassment as well as the fear that bankruptcy may be the only way to stop debt from spiraling out of control. First and foremost, it is important to keep in mind that bankruptcy may in fact be the best option for a particular client, but it is also just as important to consider whether or not debt settlement may be the answer for your financial situation. Creditors will continue to harass you until you take action to put a stop to collection activities. The Debt Settlement Attorneys of Ariano & Associates, PLLC seek to protect their clients to the fullest extent possible, putting an end to creditor harassment and finding the best method of debt-elimination that works best for you.

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There are multiple ways to eliminate debt for both individual consumers and businesses. Many people believe bankruptcy is the only option to successfully eliminate debt in a relatively short period of time. Given that bankruptcy is feared by many, it is no surprise that individuals and businesses have turned to debt settlement as a way to eliminate debilitating debt. This option may be the perfect solution for you depending on your individual circumstances. At Ariano & Associates, PLLC, our seasoned Debt Settlement Attorneys provide a variety of debt-related legal services to numerous clients from all across the United States. Don’t let creditor harassment take over your life. Allow one of our skilled Debt Settlement Attorneys to help you eliminate debt in a fair and reasonable way. Having received a number of positive online reviews, our Debt Settlement Attorneys are standing by to help you in any way they can. Speak directly with one of the Debt Settlement Attorneys of Ariano & Associates, PLLC today by calling (602)-466-9631 to schedule your free consultation.